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Useable Sec: Good interface design (3 Rules)

Good interface design is…
  1. Easy to recover from errors
  2. Minimal training needed for a person to use the system
  3. Relies on common interaction techniques for familiarity

Usable Sec: System Centered Design

Questions Asked in a System Centered Design Approach….

  • What can be built easily on this platform?
  • What can I create from the available tools?
  • What do I as a programmer find interesting to work on?

If you’re concerned with usability, then avoid this approach!

Usable Sec: User Centered Design

  •  User Centered Design is based upon a user’s
    • Abilities and real needs
    • Context
    • Work
    • Tasks
Golden rule of interface design: “Know The User”
Note: This and other “Usable Sec” notes are indirectly or directly from my U. Maryland “Usable Security” Coursera course
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