Sec: Generate a SSH Key on a Linux Bash CLI in 2 Steps


1. On each machine type ssh and make a connection with your regular password. This will create a .ssh dir in your home directory with the proper perms.

2. On your primary machine where you want your secret keys to live (let’s say hurly), type:

ssh-keygen -t dsa
This will prompt you for a secret passphrase. If this is your primary identity key, make sure to use a good passphrase. If this works right you will get two files called id_dsa and in your.ssh dir. Note: it is possible to just press the enter key when prompted for a passphrase, which will make a key with no passphrase. This is a Bad Idea ™ for an identity key, so don’t do it! See below for uses of keys without passphrases. 
  • scp ~/.ssh/ burly:.ssh/authorized_keys2
  • ssh-agent sh -c 'ssh-add < /dev/null && bash'
  • ssh burly
where burly is the server you’re connecting to