PyDev (Eclipse) key bindings

press CTRL+ALT+ENTER to send the selected lines to the interactive console
EditRectangular editionShift+Alt+AEditing Text
EditFind NextCtrl+KEditing Text
EditFind and ReplaceCtrl+FIn Windows
EditWord CompletionAlt+/Editing Text
FileCloseCtrl+F4In Windows
FileNewCtrl+NIn Windows
FileSaveCtrl+SIn Windows
NavigateBackward HistoryAlt+LeftIn Windows
NavigateForward HistoryAlt+RightIn Windows
NavigateGo to LineCtrl+LEditing Text
NavigateLast Edit LocationCtrl+QIn Windows
NavigateOpen ResourceCtrl+Shift+RIn Windows
NavigateShow In menuAlt+Shift+WIn Windows
NavigateGo to next problem markerCtrl+.In Windows
PyDev – EditorQuick Fix / Content AssistantsCtrl+1PyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorCode CompletionCtrl+SpacePyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorAdd Comment BlockCtrl+4PyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorAdd Single Comment BlockCtrl+Shift+4PyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorConvert space-tabs to tabsCtrl+Shift+TabPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorConvert tabs to space-tabsCtrl+TabPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorNext Method or ClassCtrl+Shift+DownPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorPrevious Method or ClassCtrl+Shift+UpPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorPython CollapseCtrl+-PyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorPython Collapse AllCtrl+9PyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorToggle Mark OccurrencesAlt+Shift+OPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorPython Format CodeCtrl+Shift+FPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorPython Go To DefinitionF3PyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorPython Organize ImportsCtrl+Shift+OPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorPython Show Quick OutlineCtrl+OPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorPython Open Definition Quick OutlineCtrl+Shift+TPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorPython Un CollapseCtrl+=PyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorPython Un Collapse AllCtrl+0PyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorPython Comment/UncommentCtrl+/ (for both)PyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorRemove Comment BlockCtrl+5PyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorStart interactive sessionCtrl+Alt+EnterPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorSend line to interactive sessionF2PyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorList commands binded to Ctrl+2 (only the most important are below)Ctrl+2+helpPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorAssigns method parameters to attributes of selfCtrl+2+aPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorForces code analysis in the current editorCtrl+2+cPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorKills all the python shells spawned by PyDevCtrl+2+killPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorRenames local occurrencesCtrl+2+rPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorWraps the current selected paragraphCtrl+2+wPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorEnables/Disables wrapping in the editorCtrl+2+setwrapPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorPasses the passed command to in DjangoCtrl+2+dj commandPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorPuts a new line after each comma (split lines)Ctrl+2+slPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorTransforms an import into a string (import string)Ctrl+2+isPyDev editor scope
PyDev – EditorSearches the passed (or selected) string in the open editorsCtrl+2+s string_to_findPyDev editor scope
PyDev – SearchFind referencesCtrl+Shift+GPyDev editor scope
PyDev – RefactorPython Extract Local VariableAlt+Shift+LPyDev editor scope
PyDev – RefactorPython Extract MethodAlt+Shift+MPyDev editor scope
PyDev – RefactorPython Inline Local VariableAlt+Shift+IPyDev editor scope
PyDev – RefactorPython RenameAlt+Shift+RPyDev editor scope
Run/DebugRun current editorF9PyDev editor scope
Run/DebugRun current editor unit-testsCtrl+F9PyDev editor scope
Run/DebugDebug Last LaunchedF11In Windows
Run/DebugRun Last LaunchedCtrl+F11In Windows
Run/DebugStep IntoF5Debugging
Run/DebugStep OverF6Debugging
Run/DebugStep ReturnF7Debugging
SearchOpen Search DialogCtrl+HIn Windows
Text EditingCopy LinesCtrl+Alt+DownEditing Text
Text EditingDelete LineCtrl+DEditing Text
Text EditingDelete Next WordCtrl+DeleteEditing Text
Text EditingDuplicate LinesCtrl+Alt+UpEditing Text
Text EditingInsert Line Below Current LineShift+EnterEditing Text
Text EditingMove Lines DownAlt+DownEditing Text
Text EditingMove Lines UpAlt+UpEditing Text
Text EditingScroll Line DownCtrl+DownEditing Text
Text EditingScroll Line UpCtrl+UpEditing Text
Text EditingTo Lower CaseCtrl+Shift+YEditing Text
Text EditingTo Upper CaseCtrl+Shift+XEditing Text
WindowActivate EditorF12In Windows
WindowMaximize Active View or EditorCtrl+MIn Windows
WindowNext EditorCtrl+F6 (LiClipse adds Ctrl+Tab too)In Windows
WindowNext PerspectiveCtrl+F8In Windows
WindowNext ViewCtrl+F7In Windows
WindowOpen Editor Drop DownCtrl+EIn Windows
WindowShow Key AssistCtrl+Shift+LIn Dialogs and Windows
WindowShow Ruler Context MenuCtrl+F10Editing Text
WindowShow System MenuAlt+-In Windows
WindowShow View MenuCtrl+F10In Windows
WindowSwitch to EditorCtrl+Shift+EIn Windows
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