Java: How to import StAX libraries for parsing XML

In short:


import java.util.*;//usually, but not always needed

In long:

Here are steps in writing code to parse an XML document with StAX.

  1. Import the following libraries:
  1. Create an XMLInputFactory . See the read() method above.
  2. Create an XMLStreamReader and pass a Reader to it such as a FileReader. The XML file is passed as a parameter to FileReader.
  3. We can now iterate through the contents of our XML file using the streamreader’s next() method.
  4. next() returns an event code that indicates which part of the document has been read such as: DTD, START_ELEMENT, CHARACTERS and END_ELEMENT.
  5. If you get the START_ELEMENT event code, you can retrieve the element’s name using the getLocalName() method. To read the attributes, use getAttributeValue() method.
  6. To read the text between the start and end tags, wait until you receive the CHARACTERS event code. Afterwards, you can read the text using getText().

Thanks to my instructor Carl Limsico for the step-by-step!

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