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TM Philosophy via gutenbergr

The gutenbergr package is an excellent API wrapper for Project Gutenberg, which provides unlimited free access to public domain books and materials.

Inspired by an analytical philosopher working in DS, I decided to spin up a Shiny app to allow myself and the public to text-mine 1 or more works at a time.

I started a new blog for the project at:

The app itself can be found at, however the free is a bit slow, so it won’t load quickly until the project gets moved to AWS, Azure, a NameCheap VM or some other affordable production environment.

Please see the initial, and currently only, blog article at for GitHub links to the full source code – and feel free to contribute!

Shiny: Get rid of row numbers/names in renderTable

The code below will allow you to get rid of those annoying and visually unattractive row names in your table and you can pass any other options available in xtable in the same way:

output$someTable <- renderTable({


Stackoverflow Solutions

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